[thelist] Job Offer

Burhan Khalid thelist at meidomus.com
Thu Jul 22 06:01:22 CDT 2004

Greetings All:

	This came across my inbox, and I thought I'd forward it since I'm not 
able to take on this task (personally).  Please reply to me OFFLIST if 
you are interested, and I will forward your email to the orignial person.

 > Hello, and thanks for responding! I wrote because I'm in need of
 > some custom programming for a new project. I don't know whether
 > you're interested, or even if I can afford you, but I thought it was
 > worth a shot. Here is what I'm after:
 > Essentially, I will be reselling the services of an existing
 > wakeup/reminder call service, but with my custom content. Their
 > forms and scripts work on my site, but will require slight
 > modifications to suit our content and price packages. There must be
 > a script written to parse the data collected from the forms into a
 > string to be sent to the existing service's backend via XML push.
 > Support and sample scripts are available from the existing service
 > (email & toll-free #) in whatever language my scripts are written
 > (PHP, ASP, Perl, ColdFusion). A subscriber area also must be
 > constructed that manages passwords and is integrated into my
 > authorize.net gateway (much like the features of dreamaccount at
 > dreamcost.com).
 > 1. Subscriber management database.
 > 2. Modification of existing templates and scripts to our custom > 
 > 3. Script to communicate data via XML push to an existing backend.
 > 4. Integration of the entire package to authorize.net payment gateway.
 > Thanks for having a look! I have a budget of $400-500 US for the
 > project. If you're interested, please write back and I will supply
 > more details. If you're not, I would truly appreciate it if you
 > would refer me to a trustworthy programmer who can get the project
 > done within my budget.

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