[thelist] A Beginner Freelance Question

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I live in the great cold north, up in farm country.  There is a lot of
that up here, doctors bartering with farmers and dentist bartering with
shop owners and vice versa.  It's the way it was in olden times, if you
didn't have money you could give a pig or chicken or if you bill was
really high, land.  That's how my in-laws got some nice property back
about 100 years ago, as the town doctor he would treat people and if
they couldn't pay for it they would have to give him something of value
or that he could use.  We actually found his ledger book with a listing
of patients and what they owed and how they paid, money, pigs, butchered

Anyway its becoming less and less prevelent today, I don't work that
way, I got burnt a few times being nice to people.

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...the pro bono sites...

Speaking of which. I had a few weeks back have someone email me
DC who had a hair salon. She wanted a web site done but wanted to do it
bono. I said that since I'm not in her area, we don't can't do that. So
gave her a deeply discounted price 1/2 off my normal rates. Her response
"No!". My response was "No!" She had a plan to exchange commodities
my back and I'll scratch yours attitude).

Do you come across these often?

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