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Monique Angelich listmail at devedia.com
Thu Jul 22 10:05:34 CDT 2004

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Quote: I did a golf course website in exchange for free golfing for life.

I got a week vacation to Chicago in a very nice hotel in exchange for some work on an existing clients website. I didn't complain... much.

I do pro bono work for non-profit organizations only. Pro bono means for free, not in return for favors. If something like that is offered, I weigh my available time against the value of the favor.  More often than not the return does not justify the time it will take to satify the 'client', who feels that you owe them your lifesblood when working for commodities.

For example, I don't golf. If a golf course offered free golfing for life, or even 10 free golfing for life memberships, I would still refuse the trade. It could be worth millions, but to me that offer would be worthless. It isn't something I want or need. The Chicago trip worked out well because I NEEDED a vacation, but couldn't afford the thousands for a hotel stay away from home. 

Just my two cents.

--- Monique

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