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Seth Thomas Rasmussen seth at sethrasmussen.com
Thu Jul 22 12:53:04 CDT 2004

My issue lies with the practices employed by people who see templates as a
means to increased production, which in their minds is the ultimate goal,
and that's what bothers me. The templates themselves are not an inherently
bad idea at all. My reaction was hasty and clouded.

I still would prefer to see a slower pace in life where things like this
would never even arise more often than not simply because the use of such a
thing would be seen as minimal. "Why buy a predone template when I have more
than enough time to create something myself?" Ya dig? :)

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Hello Seth,

Thursday, July 22, 2004, 6:36:31 PM, you wrote:

STR> I still don't like sites like that though. Maybe I just need a better
STR> illustration to show it, but for now I guess I'll go back to the
STR> sidelines...

I don't mind sites like that - it gives those who don't have the
budget to pay for a full-on design the ability to get one quite
cheaply :) I also feel they are the lesser of two evils.. the other
being *shudder* elance.

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