[thelist] Template Monster [WAS: A Beginner FreelanceQ uestion]

Rob Smith rob.smith at THERMON.com
Thu Jul 22 12:50:17 CDT 2004

RD> I don't mind sites like that - it gives those who don't have the
RD> budget to pay for a full-on design the ability to get one quite
RD> cheaply :) I also feel they are the lesser of two evils.. the other
RD> being *shudder* elance.

In a way I think sites like TM give "us" a good name. You have these
adventurous type folk ("newbie") who get all excited about web design and
run out to buy FP :-\ and start coding or at least make a valiant effort.
They get frustrated and seek one of "us" out begging on their knees, "Save
Me!" We pat their heads and say sure with $ signs for eye pupils.


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