[thelist] Template Monster [WAS: A Beginner Freelance Question]

Richard Davey rich at launchcode.co.uk
Thu Jul 22 18:32:10 CDT 2004

Hello Alan,

Thursday, July 22, 2004, 8:18:07 PM, you wrote:

AM> Then, to top it off, he wrote us an email clearly stating his concern with
AM> him being able to retain the copyright on his design!!

AM> Templates...yeah, I pretty much don't care for them.

So you get one shoddy job applicant who likes to lie about their
abilities and rule-out templates as a whole? I'm struggling to see the
reasoning here - people use clip-art if they can't draw too well, stock
photography if they're no David Bailey, pre-made apps if coding isn't
their thing - what is the difference with web site templates? (other
than the fact that most people on this list create sites for a living,
for example I would expect a similar response discussing stock
photography on a photographic list).

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