[thelist] CSS bug in IE5 for Windows - flickering background in DIV

Anura.Samara at facs.gov.au Anura.Samara at facs.gov.au
Thu Jul 22 20:28:49 CDT 2004

We've been diligently trying to create a new site design with full CSS, but
have struck a strange problem with IE5 for Windows (Mozilla behaves

This is pretty close to how the page should work >==

This page will become the homepage, and we don't want breadcrumbs or the
print icon to appear. But if I remove those two elements (just simply
commented them out), this is what happens >==

Notice how the background color for 'Career opportunities' flickers when
you run your mouse over the main navigation links - 'About FaCS',
'Communities', 'Individuals'. If you press the ALT key, the page displays
as expected.

Does anyone have any ideas on what is happening here? I've searched for
solutions, but I haven't found anything exactly like this. revove the
content from the breadcrumbs DIV and the print icon DIV, and leaving both
DIVs intact, fixes the problem but I think it is poor form to leave a DIV
on a page if it is empty.

I'd really appreciate any ideas. Otherwise, it might be back to the drawing


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