[thelist] Template Monster

Monique Angelich listmail at devedia.com
Fri Jul 23 01:53:45 CDT 2004

Ok, I try to stay out of the infighting and avoid confrontation, but I am feeling brave.. *grin*

Templates are great for anyone who is not graphically inclined to have a nice looking website without the $500 plus expense. When I first saw the templates site my first thought was "there go a lot of designers out of business".  I see both sides of the issue, but it isn't the programmers who use the templates that are selling the designers short, it is the designers willing to take $50 for a $500 design. 

This is capitalism in action folks. If the designers think they have it rough with templates, try competing with programmers in India or Russia who will work for less than $5 per hour, or hotscripts and sourceforge for that matter. 

If quality is available at a super cheap price, who in their right mind is going to pass that up? 

And the world continues to turn... 


--- Monique

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