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Chris Price chris.price at choctaw.co.uk
Fri Jul 23 04:15:47 CDT 2004


I've deleted the movie that you're referring to, its another movie that's my
real concern.

Why doesn't Windows like this code:

        <object type="application/x-shockwave-flash"
data="container.swf?path=index.swf" width="380" height="410" id="index">
            <param name="index" value="container.swf?path=index.swf" />
            <param name="bgcolor" value="#fff" />
            <param name="quality" value="best" />

The Flash is v5
The page is xhtml1.0 strict

Chris price

On 22/7/04 2:09 pm, "Gordon MacLeod" <gomac11 at rogers.com> wrote:

> Try this (you don't need the codebase call, and that may be confusing
> windoze, also good idea to give the file an id):
> <object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="doorkeeper.swf"
> width="18" height="18" id="doorkeeper">
> <param name="doorkeeper" value="doorkeeper.swf" />
> <param name='bgcolor' value='#FFFFFF' />
> <param name='quality' value='best' />
> </object>
> Also, your height and width are way off, this movie is much more than
> 18x18.

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