[thelist] Template Monster

Sarah Sweeney mr.sanders at designshift.com
Fri Jul 23 07:55:00 CDT 2004

> Let's face it. The use of templates is the preserve of the bedroom 
> designer.
> In some respects it shouldn't concern web professionals like ourselves  
> as these peoples markets are totally different from our own. However 
> template use is just another example of how amateur  "web designers" are 
> cheapening the business of web design and making it harder on the rest 
> of us.

For some reason there are businesses that think it's OK to get your 
neighbour's teenage kid to build your website in FrontPage (for 
example). Would you hire this person to create a TV ad or do other 
marketing and/or sales for you? Not likely. Eventually people have to 
start taking the web more seriously both as a marketing tool and in 
general. Most people recognize crappy ads when they see them on TV, and 
soon they'll start to recognize crappy websites, too :)

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