[thelist] Template Monster

A Maynes andrew at milords.com
Fri Jul 23 08:42:08 CDT 2004

Don't bite your tongue, say it how it is, in fact insist they get their
distant relation to create their rolo site and inform them that your
original quote will be double when they get back to you!

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> And they are still using this as some negotation tactic.  If 
> my price is too high, in there opinion, I always here.  "Well 
> I was thinking of getting <insert kids name here>, whos my 
> cousins, uncles, roommate step-son to do the site, he said he 
> would do it for a bag of rollos". Always have to bite my 
> tounge otherwise I would probably use the "you get what you 
> pay for line".

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