Does web design have a future in 'high wage' countries? (was RE: [thelist] RE: Template Monster [WAS: A Beginner Freelance Question])

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Fri Jul 23 15:35:59 CDT 2004

At 10:23 AM 7/23/2004, you wrote:
>Perhaps if I could decide on a single thing to become an expert in, I
>could still see myself in the picture.

Wow, look at the mess ive created!
If you are feeling a bit gloomed and doomed, i suggest you pick up some 
books and start saving your future that you are worried about. My best 
suggestion for staying in the game long-term would be PHP and XHTML/CSS (if 
you dont already know them). Other than that, I would say your pretty safe 
as PHP is only exponentially getting bigger and better and more widely 
used. Ive begun learning it and its great, you can basically do anything in 
it that you could with any other scripting language (with the use of 
databases, of course) other than, maybe flash or media based plugins (which 
i despise, anyway).

Just my two cents.


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