[thelist] RE: Does web design have a future in 'high wage' countries? (wasQuestion])

YoYoEtc yoyoetc at provide.net
Fri Jul 23 15:48:11 CDT 2004

This whole thread reminds me of an experience I had about a week agi:

I was in the grocery store and the young man (boy) who packs the groceries 
was chatting to the woman in front of me while I waited next in line. She 
asked him what he was studying and he replied, "web design". She seemed 
very impressed and he responded by saying that he makes more money doing 
that than he makes at the grocery store and he said he doesn't even have 
his bachelor's degree yet.
Now, I know that a lot of money to a student would perhaps seem like 
peanuts to us, but it made me realize there is definitely work out there to 
be had if students are finding it. I should have asked him how he finds his 
clients. As a newbie, I could do with making some money at this.

At 04:23 PM 7/23/2004, Chris George wrote:
> > Then why not find other freelancers/what have you who
> > complement your skills? You don't ask a carpenter to build
> > the whole house by himself.
>Ummmmmm no offence, but in this day and age of outsourcing development
>labour to cheap 3rd-party countries, that's not a very good analogy. :-P
>I've seen and talked with the crew that built my house...

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