Does web design have a future in 'high wage' countries? (was RE: [thelist] RE: Template Monster [WAS: A Beginner Freelance Question])

YoYoEtc yoyoetc at
Fri Jul 23 15:59:56 CDT 2004

What would you advise newcomers to the field to do?  We have a drastic 
learning curve to follow if we ever want to keep up with the people who 
have years of experience.

At 04:35 PM 7/23/2004, Webmaster wrote:
>At 10:23 AM 7/23/2004, you wrote:
>>Perhaps if I could decide on a single thing to become an expert in, I
>>could still see myself in the picture.
>Wow, look at the mess ive created!
>If you are feeling a bit gloomed and doomed, i suggest you pick up some 
>books and start saving your future that you are worried about. My best 
>suggestion for staying in the game long-term would be PHP and XHTML/CSS 
>(if you dont already know them). Other than that, I would say your pretty 
>safe as PHP is only exponentially getting bigger and better and more 
>widely used. Ive begun learning it and its great, you can basically do 
>anything in it that you could with any other scripting language (with the 
>use of databases, of course) other than, maybe flash or media based 
>plugins (which i despise, anyway).
>Just my two cents.
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