[thelist] RE: Does web design have a future in 'high wage'countries? (wasQuestion])

YoYoEtc yoyoetc at provide.net
Fri Jul 23 16:41:47 CDT 2004

What I would like to know is how do these foreigners get these skills in 
the first place.  They are poor countries with many non-schooled people. 
Don't tell me - H1B visas to work in this country, get their tuition paid 
here, and go back to their own country and drain us dry!

At 05:17 PM 7/23/2004, patrick wrote:
>Chris George wrote:
> >
> > But anyway, my point was not about the quality of work, but of cheap
> > labourers*, and how your analogy emphasizes opposite to what you
> > intended**.
> >
> > * Cheap does not mean unskilled.
> > ** That being a lone ranger might not be as financially useful as
> > working on a team.
>But in reference to
>         how do i compete i don't know everything
>it is spot on.
>patrick sanders
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