[thelist] Question about W3C Accessibility Priority 2 guideline

Chris Price chris.price at choctaw.co.uk
Fri Jul 23 17:45:19 CDT 2004

I take structural markup to refer to the use of html for structuring the
document such as <ul> for list, <p> for paragraph, <h1> for heading as
opposed to using it for setting the style or look of the page when its
rendered in the browser i.e. visual formatting.

Although tables are not inaccessible as such, they can be used to make the
page work visually while making no sense to screen readers.

Chris Price

On 23/7/04 9:46 pm, "Johnson, Christopher (MTO)"
<Christopher.Johnson at mto.gov.on.ca> wrote:

> Hello,
> I am readying over the W3C's checklist for accessibility and came across the
> following statement:
> "5.4 If a table is used for layout, do not use any structual markup for the
> purpose of visual formatting"
> I am not sure if it is because it is friday afternoon or I am suddenly brain
> dead, but can I get some interpretations on what this means. I am not sure
> what "structural markup for the purpose of visual formatting" means.
> Thanks,
> chris

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