[thelist] Template Monster or Do you want cheeze with your whine?

Ken Moore psm2713 at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 23 18:31:51 CDT 2004

Hi all,

Yes, I am in training for the whole 15 rounds.

>Someone wrote:
>It’s up to the professional web designer to assert their value to the 

Of course, this is true.

>And why the client shouldn’t insist for anything less.

That is the clients choice. No one reading this has any right to decide what 
a client should or should not want or demand. The market decides those 
things, not us.

A very, very long time ago (say 1968-1975) there was a great controversy 
about whether teachers should allow students to use calculators during 
tests. "If we do that," they said, "students will not learn what addition 
and multiplication is." OK. Fair enough. Now, it is common practice to take 
them to class. Some take advantage of them and do not learn what they need 
to know. And those are the ones that have ended up with the low-paying jobs.

>[M]any design companies don’t make their own house-style but have someone 
>else do it.

Again, there is a market for that.

Another wrote:

> > Let's face it. The use of templates is the preserve of the bedroom
> > designer.
> >
> > In some respects it shouldn't concern web professionals like ourselves
> > as these peoples markets are totally different from our own. However
> > template use is just another example of how amateur  "web designers"
> > are cheapening the business of web design and making it harder on the
> > rest of us.

Yes, exactly right. But again, the market decides. So, we have two choices. 
One is that we can learn what the market wants, become very good at it and 
make a good living.

Or, we can all go buy a calculator.


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