[thelist] RE: Does web design have a future in'highwage'countries? (wasQuestion])

YoYoEtc yoyoetc at provide.net
Fri Jul 23 19:16:27 CDT 2004

I made my comment sincerely but I also see that the very topic is fuelf or 
the fire.  In the end, you are quite right, it begins and ends with us - 
but what do we do?

At 07:27 PM 7/23/2004, Seth Thomas Rasmussen wrote:
>Okay, this type of argument needs to die a swift death. I don't know
>about FrontPage, and am pretty much inclined to write it off solely on
>the basis of the sites I've seen made with it, but Dreamweaver, in the
>right hands, is nothing more than an advanced text editor with built in
>FTP client. And in that capacity it can be, and IS for me, VERY
>beneficial to my coding. It makes repetitive tasks quicker and is a
>useful organizational tool.
>You guys seem eager to blame this (overseas cheap labor) or that
>(WYSIWYG editors) when the real blame falls, as it does in every
>situation, on the people. Either that or the solution lies there, not in
>Web standards or some new product that is supposedly more open and
>better than its predecessors.
>It's US, people. And that's not the abbreviation for the United States,
>it's an emphasized representation of "us". :)
>Like I've been saying, I honestly feel that if we want to avoid these
>doomed futures, we have to take it upon ourselves to change things for
>the better in whatever small increments we can. Remember that
>individuals and smaller groups always hold the ultimate trump card: the
>greater powers that be rely on us for their livelihood, and if we decide
>to change the game, they have no choice but to go along.

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