[thelist] RE: Does web design have a future in 'high wage'countries? (wasQuestion])

YoYoEtc yoyoetc at provide.net
Fri Jul 23 19:42:17 CDT 2004

Oh, believe me, I understand.  I would probably do the same thing if I were 
in their shoes. It is just disheartening to be on the other end.  Rampant 
unemployment, educated, getting older, female, income halved in a five-year 
period, retrain for a new career and find that won't work either, etc.

At 08:30 PM 7/23/2004, Marcus Andersson wrote:
>YoYoEtc wrote:
>>What I would like to know is how do these foreigners get these skills in 
>>the first place.  They are poor countries with many non-schooled people. 
>>Don't tell me - H1B visas to work in this country, get their tuition paid 
>>here, and go back to their own country and drain us dry!
>Comments like these just oozes with prejudice and they make me a little angry.
>Have you ever thought about how many people it actually lives in India and 
>China? India is a poor country, yes, but that doesn't mean that all of the 
>population lives in the 15th century. They do have schools and they 
>actually do have computers there as well. They just don't have as much per 
>capita as we do. Think about that the population of those two countries 
>might be close to two billions (which is more than Europe + US times two 
>(it might actually be as much as times 4)) and that the drive to fight 
>yourself out of poverty is pretty strong with alot of these people. The 
>(simple?) way out of poverty is knowledge. And for the first time in 
>(modern) history (I would believe) there is a wealth of knowledge 
>available to these people as well. We (the west) "gave" it to them. But I 
>think it's more than fair that they can come and play at our playground.
>We, the west (maybe not you and me, but the interests in our countries, 
>the BigCos), have struggled hard to dominate the rest of the world to give 
>us (the share holders anyway) wealth on their expense but they are so many 
>more than us so that cannot possibly keep on forever. Are we going to 
>crawl back into our shells again to protect "what is ours"? Or are we 
>going to compete fair with these new competitors that probably is just as 
>competent as you and me?
>I would go with the latter and try to find myself a way to compete with 
>these guys and still keep my "high wages". I don't know what way that is 
>but it probably has something to do with extremely hard work (as most of 
>"them" are putting into it) and specializing. The easiest way to fight 
>competition is to avoid it and find your own niche. That is also simple 
>economics for startup companies that want to get into the market/into a 
>new market. Why shouldn't the same apply to us? That way we have our 
>destiny in our own hands instead of pointing finger and crying/whining to 
>Mr. Bush (or whatever you're leader might be called) that "the poor, evil 
>people is coming to get my job, do something!!".
>ps. I'm pretty sure you could point me to cases as you described above but 
>my _opinion_ is that those are probably border cases.
>pps. This might have gone way OT but I promise to make it up with a tip.
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