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Satterfield, Irene isatterfield at stinsonmoheck.com
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You did set each of your TDs to valign="top" yes?

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	Alternatively, you could just make sure your buttons are on top,
i.e. before the content that is added to the page.

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This sounds like an HTML problem, not ASP.  You need to re-work your
dynamic content table so that the buttons are in a seperate td with
valign=top.  Is this online somewhere so we can see it?


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> The main web page gives choices to list a department members or single

> person's phone number etc.
> The results page is dynamically drawn. It has a table at top with 
> three cells (logo - text - logo).
> The left side has two buttons: close and print
> The middle displays the results of the search.
> The problem is that if the results return several users the buttons 
> get pushed down and always remain in the center. If there are 50 in 
> the list you do not see the buttons unless you scroll down. I have 
> tried different tables and div tags without any luck. I just want the 
> buttons to stay at the top of the left side!
> any help is appreciated.
> thanks

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