[thelist] RE: Does web design have a future in'highwage'countries? (wasQuestion])

Tony Crockford tonyc at boldfish.co.uk
Sun Jul 25 04:13:45 CDT 2004

At 23:51 on Saturday, 24 Jul 2004, Patsy Price wrote:

> This list has members from around the world, not just "high-wage"  
> countries.
> Maybe there are ways we can support each other and all win.

I was going to make the point that for designers in the UK the US is an  
overseas developer with cheaper prices, but then everything is cheaper in  
the US compared to the UK.


<tip type="software" author="Tony Crockford">

Since Google bought Picasa the excellent (windowsPC) image organisation  
software is now free, when you combine it with a blogger account and the  
free picasa image sharing software (Hello) you have all you need for quick  
and easy photo-blogging.



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