[thelist] Keyboard and Mouse

Hershel Robinson hershelr at netvision.net.il
Sun Jul 25 06:52:11 CDT 2004

I am goink to visit de old country very very soon. That would be the USA of

Given this unique opportunity to indulge myself in the unique and
multifacted pleasures of the world center for hedonism and bargains, I am
preparing myself to purchase a new keyboard and mouse. (Hopefully when I
return home I will purchase a new PC in which to plug these items.)

I presently use a MS Natural Ergonomic keyboard and I am basically happy
with it. I am told it is not the best, but it works and I would buy another
simply as a backup. The keyboard response is not the greatest I do not
think. This appears to be my keyboard and on sale for a low price:

This appears to be the same thing for the same price:

For a mouse, my favorite mouse was my old IBM Stealth. This seems to be a
picture of it:

but this mouse is not optical and I do not see online an optical version of
it. I liked it because its shape is great and fit my hand well (I have a big
hand) and the response on the buttons is also great. I stopped using it
because the ball needs constant cleaning and it is not as accurate as my
optical mouse. I have used several other mice since that one and nothing has
a good a feel as that IBM Stealth.

If anyone has any suggestions for a BETTER ergonomic keyboard (I run Windows
2000) and suggestions for a good optical mouse, I would be happy to hear


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