[thelist] animated GIFs in gecko browsers?

Joel D Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Sun Jul 25 09:50:01 CDT 2004

> > http://www.cloudsovermojave.com
> >
> > In IE/Opera (I'm only testing on Windows right now) the buttons fade
> > and out as expected. In NN7, Firefox, etc., they snap from off to on
> > off again with no visible animation.
> >
> > I have the time between frames set to 0 seconds at the mo. Do 
> > gecko-based browsers not support animated GIFs, or are they just so 
> > darn efficient that they animate so fast it's not visible as
> From: Heather Quinn [mailto:hqevolt at windyhilldesign.com] 
> The latter, perhaps, if you also have a fast processor -- the fade 
> in/out is fine on on Mozilla on an older processor (350 Mhz).

Okay, now it's stranger: I added some delay to one of the buttons, just
to test whether any of the browsers respected it. Nothing changed. I set
the delay back to 0 seconds for each frame, and now, all the *other*
buttons fade in and out in Moz, NN, and Firefox, but the button I
tweaked and tweaked back acts like a light switch - instant on, instant

Has anyone ever seen their animated GIFs act like this? Any ideas what
could cause such inconsistency? I could live with the buttons behaving
differently in different browsers, but when they behave differently in
the same browser, it looks stupid.

And just in case it *is* related to machine speed, I've got a 2.6 ghz PC
with 1G of RAM. 


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