[thelist] Windows visual diff program?

David Williamson dw at clara.co.uk
Sun Jul 25 17:48:20 CDT 2004


Tried and bought both Araxis Merge and Beyond Compare.

Although Araxis had a really useful three-way merge and looked wonderful,
Beyond Compare is a really powerful diff tool. It has a great facility for
comparing and syncing against a FTP site.

Araxis also seemd overpriced and under powered compared to Beyond Compare


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AraxisMerge has a very nice intuitive diff/merge interface and also supports
3-way diffs and visual diffs of whole folders full of files.


not free but still worth it :-)


Johnson, Christopher (MTO) <Christopher.Johnson at mto.gov.on.ca> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have several sql files and web files from different sections of
> development that I need to compare to see if there are any differences
> between them. Does anyone know of any good visual diff programs for
> windows? I only need it for a few files so open source would
> definitely be better.
> Thanks,
> chris

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