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I missed a lot of this thread but the long item that Ken responded to is
absolutety fantastic.  I'm talking about the two economists part especially
and particularly item C

I hope Kath read it too.

Wow, I'm going ot have to go to the archives
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> There were two economists - Adam Smith (division of labour), and David
> Ricardo (comparative advantage) that wrote some stuff about what happens
> over time. What they wrote about all that time ago is still relevant
> c) Despite the exodus of jobs to cheaper overseas countries, there is
> going to be a huge job shortage in the developed world. Jobs have been
> moving from high-cost centres to low-cost centres for hundreds of years
> (between towns, between states, and between countries). Yet the
> rate in the developed world is still very low. New, higher paying, jobs
> replaced the old jobs. Our standard of living (as conventionally measured
> quality of life, the environment are a whole different kettle of fish -
> well aware of that) has continued to increase year after year.

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