[thelist] Re: Is Tufte worth buying?

Fred D Yocum fdy at mcc.org
Mon Sep 13 07:21:13 CDT 2004


Absolutely, though I may be part of the 90 per cent blinded. I have read 
and continue to browse all of Tufte's books and they are all  worth 
reading and rereading, though one of his central premises is (and he is 
correct) print is a much more data intensive media than the computer 
screen. If you have to present complex data, do it in print. His examples 
of how present complex data clearly, are illuminating, how to apply his 
principles to digital media is less clear...

But the main reason for buying is --the books are beuatiful, well written, 
very well made, almost art objects in themselves.

Fred D

>I'm working on more and more complex web generated tables from various
>data stores. My users are generally satisfied with the visual
>presentation of the data, but I'd like to move from 'good enough' to

>The reviews of Tufte's books at Amazon.com seem to be 90% worship, 10%
>cursing. Are the 90% blinded, or are the 10% just misguided?

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