[thelist] expanding a table to the full height of a parent cell.

Michael Caplan michael at eggplant.ws
Mon Sep 13 13:08:29 CDT 2004

Hey there.

I am trying to force a nested table to expand the full height of its 
parent cell with no luck.

Please take a peak at http://mompop.mine.nu:8080/azur/en/ It is the left 
navigation bar (which is a nested table made up of three cells: top - 
Links, middle - empty cell height 100%, bottom - contact details). I've 
dozens of ways to force the table to stretch the entire height of the 
parent table with no luck.

Alternatively, I could break up the table into two (1: navigation, 2: 
contact details) and somehow valign 1 to the top, and 2 to the bottom. 
Again, I've tried this using by wrapping the tables in divs with 
"vertical-align: top", but again no luck.

Any suggestions?


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