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> Message from Gary McPherson (9/13/2004 09:45 AM)
> >Hey all! Would appreciate if I could get feedback on any 
> lingering bugs 
> >or issues on a site I'm finalising.
> >
> >Site is available at http://www.raggarobics.com/defaults.aspx
> I don't know, the front page doesn't do a good job for me. 
> The constantly moving masthead becomes a distraction very 
> quickly. Also it seems as if the background image of the 
> sweaty instructor is the most important design element on the 
> screen. It's given most prominence in screen real estate and 
> the large navigation buttons are built around it. Further, 
> these buttons are not connected to the rest of the design in 
> any other way. In other words, if you remove the background 
> image, will the site design flow smoothly?

This project has been a pretty stressful one for me, working with a client
who has simultaneously little technical knowledge or design ability, yet has
been very stubborn in regards to what he wants. I agree with the problem of
the moving Flash header, but this has been at his specific request and I had
to battle hard against his wish to keep it fixed at the top of the page at
all times. I had created more compatible home page links - the ones in use
are from another concept I'd produced, but once again, this is what he
insisted on. And yes, his picture IS the most dominant element - but
surprise, surprise, that's how he wanted it. The client's always right,
right? :-S

> Additionally those highly stylised large navigation buttons 
> clash quite horribly with the "boring Arial" tabs, with this 
> effect further exacerbated by the fancy tabs and plain, 
> underlined text. Losing the underline might help.

I'll try removing the underline, not much I can do about the rest.

> Coming back to screen real estate, while you've got a big old 
> photo of an instructor taking up 85% of the design, the news 
> is scrunched up in a tiny column with a scroll bar which 
> looks even smaller because the text is standard size. It 
> being left-aligned and having very little padding adds to the 
> cramped look.

All points noted - I will give that area some further effort.

> You're really inconsistent with that apostrophe in "Grandmas 
> Corner". On the front page alone, you've got it displayed two ways:
> - Grandmas Corner
> - Grandma's Corner
> Then on the actual page you've got a third usage
> - Grandmas' Corner
> Which is it? Consult a grammarian. Settle on one usage. Be consistent.

OK, I didn't even notice that one, myself. Will find the correct usage and

> You've also got "Hi there mums, dads aunts, uncles, mothers 
> and last but not least GRANDMAS'" You don't need an 
> apostrophe on a plural word. You don't say "The computers' 
> are working fine" do you? There are other spelling and 
> grammar usage errors you might want to have a proofreader 
> find and correct for you as well.

Content is supplied and updated by the client, will urge them to
double-check all their material before launch.

> "Members" may not be the best choice of title for that 
> section. When I saw it I assumed it meant "a section for 
> members", not "click here to find out about becoming a 
> member". "Membership" or "Join Now" might be a better title. 
> ("Join Now" would get my pick as it's an action phrase.)

I may rename to "Membership" - expansion is planned for this area and it
will become a genuine "Members" section at some point.

> Why on earth would people interested in raggarobics care a 
> flying ...fish that the site validates. Would they even know 
> what W3C, CSS, and HTML mean? 
> Yes the buttons are there as a personal ego trip for the 
> developer, but they're of absolutely no use to the average 
> user of the site.

True, all true. Forgive me! LOL!

> Did you really need to do a whole flash file for the footer? 
> Wouldn't two animated fade-in/fade-out gifs plus a text 
> copyright statement have done the job just as well?

Yep, that's what I said. Am having the GIF's made up as we speak.

> regards.
> -marc

Thanks for your constructive comments,


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