[thelist] Shoestring status?

Sam Foster sam at sam-i-am.com
Tue Sep 14 10:56:42 CDT 2004

hi John,
A while back you posted to evolt and mentioned your shoestring cms 
product. I was checking it out just now and was unable to log in to the 
demo from http://www.shoestringcms.com/cgi-bin/Shoestring/login.pl.
What's the status of this?


> Bob Haroche wrote:
>>My client wants to update a long list of store locations on their own. 
>><snip /> I know I can convert the listing to a database driven 
>>solution, but we're looking for something less expensive to develop 
>>here. Typically, the store listings will need to be coded like this:
>><span class="storeName">Petite Chateau</span><br>
>><span class="storeAddress">3939 East Campbell Ave.<br> Phoenix, 
>><span class="storeTel">Tel: 602-667-3551</span><br>
> I'm jumping in here late, and others have already suggested some good,
> simple non-DB solutions, as well as confirmed the desirability of a DB
> solution (with which I agree), but I'll nevertheless add another option to
> the mix.
> I'm developing a system called Shoestring CMS, which is really more of a
> site data-maintenance system than a full CMS. It allows a site to separate
> out its data elements (such as stores, in your case) from the presentation
> of that data, so that the data is stored in separate files (currently CSV).
> Once this is done, it provides for editing of that data by non-technical
> people remotely through HTML forms, as well as use of that data in any
> number of places on the site, with customizable sorting and filtering
> options in each place. The situation you have is just what I had in mind
> when I was writing it, and Shoestring should easily be able to handle it.
> Shoestring is written in Perl, and I am making it available free of charge.
> (I'm hoping to earn some money setting it up, but pretty much anyone on this
> list could set it up themselves. Knowledge of Perl is helpful but not
> required.) The good news is that I do have a working version. The bad news
> is that I'm in the middle of overhauling my web site, so it's not of much
> use right now. But if you go to http://www.shoestringcms.com/, there is a
> link to a working demo, and I can email you the code if you are interested.
> I'm also in the middle of overhauling the manual, but I can send you what I
> have so far. (It's complete for an older version, but I haven't finished
> documenting the new features yet.) The old version required Exec-SSI to
> include the content, but the new version eliminates that requirement by
> rewriting static pages whenever the data changes. (Although Exec-SSI is
> still an option, such as for request-time sensitive content like calendar
> items.)
> My point in doing this was to provide a solution to small business and
> non-profits who may not have access to their own servers, such as those
> running on ISP's. Even ISP's sometimes make mySQL available, but many do
> not, so I wanted to involve as few different technologies as possible.
> Obviously this is only a solution for small sites.
> I am building a mailing list of people to notify when I have everything all
> ready for release. Some people on this list are already on it. Please let me
> know (Bob or anyone else) if you would like to be added to it.
> John Brooking, Application Developer
> Sappi Fine Paper
> South Portland, ME, 04106 USA

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