[thelist] Web Based Employee Directory

Ken Chase raskenbo at fastmail.fm
Tue Sep 14 14:22:46 CDT 2004

Hi List! My apologies to those who are reading this on both lists that
I've posted to - evolt and webdesign-l.

I'm lacking inspiration today and need to create an employee directory
for my company. I can't seem to find anything very elegant in my

Here's the criteria:

- 25-30 employees
- I don't have access to a database. Everything must be static HTML
- Accessibility is very important
- JavaScript is the only programming option
- Fields: First Name, Last Name, Job Title, Job Description, E-mail
Address, Telephone Number
- The e-mail address must be a link which populates an e-mail form (I
really don't like using "mailto" I guess this means using

Does anyone have any suggestions, advice or links to inspiring work of
this nature?

TIA and maximum respect,

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