[thelist] network switch - ok to transfer files?

Helen helen at helephant.com
Tue Sep 14 15:05:41 CDT 2004

Alex Beston wrote:

> Hi all
> the second machine using ethereal is able to see the packets - when i 
> ask to map network drive from the main computer- 3 NBNS (netbios name 
> service) packets show up with the search for the second computers name 
> and yet it says the network path cannot be found.

Somethings that might help diagnose the problem:
Can the computers ping each other?
Have you tried accessing the shares using the computer's IP address 
rather than windows name?
Can you access the share on the local machine through the network by 
typing \\thiscomputer\share

> should I use a hub? I thought a network switch would be able to 
> transfer files between computers

I don't think whether you're using a switch or a hub should make much of 
a difference.


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