[thelist] link popularity

Alex Beston alex at deltatraffic.co.uk
Tue Sep 14 17:59:34 CDT 2004

Hi All

Im trying to find out what link popularity is:

*"Step 6: Link Popularity *
In order to help improve your Page Rank, we will research and suggest 
the best websites or group of websites to link to in order to build link 
popularity. The recommendations will be focused on the quality of links 
not the quantity of links and will suggest the most appropriate places 
within the code of the page to place them."

from here:


so your link popularity increases if you link to good material.

e.g.  the SE rewards a site if it points it to worthy sites? I thought 
PR when down when you link out? How much value does being a hub / 
authority bear on the PR?



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