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> I'm lacking inspiration today...

Been there too many times!

> and need to create an employee directory for my company.
> I can't seem to find anything very elegant in my searches. 

Many CMS options.

XRMS is one of the best from my POV.

> Here's the criteria:
> - 25-30 employees
> - I don't have access to a database.

Ouch, but OK.

> Everything must be static HTML (valid)

Oh, that hurts.

ONLY static HTML.

OK, but time consuming.

> - Accessibility is very important

Well, HTMK solves that issue.

> - JavaScript is the only programming option

And what would JS give you?

> - Fields: First Name, Last Name, Job Title, Job Description, 
>   E-mail Address, Telephone Number

Standard stuff

> - The e-mail address must be a link which populates an e-mail 
> form (I really don't like using "mailto" I guess this means 
> using JavaScript/DOM).

I guess. But what's the concern with mailto: ?

> Does anyone have any suggestions, advice or links to 
> inspiring work of this nature?

Well, first of all, your requirements pretty much tell it all.

Static, hard coded HTML, with a bit of JS for mail links.

Could do this 2 ways:
 1) personal info is created within HTML table syntax
 2) personal data is created with JS array syntax and then
    displayed. With this you could even have sort options
    and search capability.

So, no big deal. This should take you the better part of an afternoon to
get done. The data entry will be the most time consuming part.

Now, as for option *beyond* your requirements...

As other have said (without even addressing your original query), if you
have any spare PCs around you could set up your own, internal, web
server. You could put Apache, Perl or PHP and MySQL or PostGres on it.

With that, the data is in the database.

Data is accessed and pages generated via Perl or PHP.

And pages served via Apache.

This solution should take you about 2 days to develop. All depending on
your level of experience with these tools.

The installation and configuration of all this should take you about 15
minutes; not including the windows OS setup.

I have complete instructions to make it painless...


I hope this has helped you look at this "project" in a larger sense.

Good luck.


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