[thelist] Web Based Employee Directory - prt 2

jsWalter jsWalter at torres.ws
Wed Sep 15 08:26:27 CDT 2004

I just realized I missed an point...

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> Here's the criteria:

> - I don't have access to a database. Everything must be static
>   HTML (valid)
> - JavaScript is the only programming option
> - The e-mail address must be a link which populates an
>   e-mail form

The last two points are contradictory.

I would ask what the "e-mail form" is for.

The mailto: (or JS option) would link to the users mail app.

But the use of a form demands the use of a back-end process, meaning a
programming option beyond JS.

So, if you need to have an HTML form, and that form be mailed to
someone, then you have no choice but to use some server-side language,
like Perl or PHP.

If this idea is just to send someone a letter, than no problem. The
mailto: (or JS option) will open the mail app by itself.

Just thought I'd mention that.


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