SV: [thelist] Web Based Employee Directory - prt 2

Andreas Wahlin Andreas.Wahlin at
Wed Sep 15 10:00:27 CDT 2004

<At this point, I'm mostly looking for general inspiration with regards
to functionality and design as opposed to recommendations for specific

Making full fledged use of javascript and the DOM is good if you want to
compress space, BUT doesen't this lessen the accessibility? OR is it
accessibility as in "easy to use" rather than "easy for everyone to have
access to, regarding system"?
If it's the first, you might want to consider having lots of hidden divs
and show them when hovering over the name of a field, or some simmilar
popup system. But I take it you already thought of this.
This doesen't have to be to much DOM either, could probably be solved
with some CSS :hover, couldn't it?
Have a visibility: hidden that changes on :hover. 
The persons could be defined in some big ass javascript array at the top
(to keep things easier to update) which then generate with
document.write ... Or simply creates nodes with the DOM based on
It doesen't feel "rock stable" but it should work, just some sketches
that you might find helpful :)


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