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Scott Harman scott at harman.tv
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That's pretty harsh - I had exactly the same situation with notes
servers in a previous company - so simply installed apache/php and mysql
on a spare box.
It's worth even putting it on your own - showing how sexy it is to your
manager... Then either getting him/her to cough up for a shiny new box
as your new toy, or as the new server if you don't have a spare machine
if you don't like accumulating shiny new toys!
I'd probably take a JS rollup route in mind of what you've just said.
It's surprising - I know of nobody using Notes/Domino for publishing
systems anymore - the last one I personally knew of was taken offline
about 6 years ago!
450px is plenty of room to work with - maybe photo alongside name, which
is clickable to roll-out contact details.  Utterly impractical, but
looks dead sexy.  There are plenty of really good examples:


Then use summary in divs for screenreader support and accesibility = few
other hints around if you google.

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> > Here's the criteria:
> > - I don't have access to a database. Everything must be static
> >   HTML (valid)
> > - JavaScript is the only programming option
> > - The e-mail address must be a link which populates an
> >   e-mail form
> The last two points are contradictory.
> I would ask what the "e-mail form" is for.
> The mailto: (or JS option) would link to the users mail app.
> But the use of a form demands the use of a back-end process, meaning a

> programming option beyond JS.
> So, if you need to have an HTML form, and that form be mailed to 
> someone, then you have no choice but to use some server-side language,

> like Perl or PHP.
> If this idea is just to send someone a letter, than no problem. The
> mailto: (or JS option) will open the mail app by itself.
> Just thought I'd mention that.
> Walter

Thanks to everyone who has responded. Although I should have asked my
question differently, I'm glad that I didn't because I've received a lot
of good ideas that I would have ignored otherwise.

I should have mentioned that our publishing system (built on top of
Lotus Notes) has built in functionality that allows us to create simple
e-mail forms. I don't have much control over them, but I'll figure out a
way to get the e-mail addresses from the employee directory page to the
e-mail form.

I am part of an extremely large organization and I do not have access to
the server. I would have to pay our internal programmers for any
customized server-side development work and they only support J2EE and
Oracle (BTW - I can't have Notes customized).  

Although I fully understand that using a database and scripting language
is the way to go for this type of product, it would be cost prohibitive
to my department.

---- Revised Question ---------------

I guess would I should have asked is:

"Does anyone have any examples of/suggestions for an elegantly designed
employee directory that does not make use of server side
technologies/databases?" (for example, show/hide functionality using

I have something similar to this right now (with a few more employees
and a single column):


1. My main goal is to improve functionality and accessibility

2. I only have have 450px width to work with (I can't change this) which
makes for a long vertical scroll.

At this point, I'm mostly looking for general inspiration with regards
to functionality and design as opposed to recommendations for specific

Thanks so much, respect

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