[thelist] Stuck on css table borders

Razvan Pop razvan at cpea.ro
Wed Sep 15 11:13:42 CDT 2004

Chris Ditty wrote:

>Can someone please take a minute and look at my calendar page and see
>why the style sheet is not changing the borders correctly?  The outer
>border is working fine, however the inner boxes are not.  The inner
>borders should be 1px and black, but they are grey and thick.
You can't get the all TDs have 1px border. Because border-right on a td 
and border-left on the other td will result in a 2px border.


> I always seem to have a problem with the table boards and
>stylesheets.  Any help is appreciated.
>http://css.redirectme.net/ - page
>http://linuxdev/cia/includes/style.css - sytlesheet

razvan pop

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