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Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Wed Sep 15 13:37:16 CDT 2004

Steve Lewis wrote:

> Ken's dilemma is far from unique, however.  The question is, why is it 
> so hard? 

You've already said the magic word:

> political


The manager of the internal programming group doesn't get a bonus
for making Ken happy; he gets it for making the CIO and CFO happy.

And it may well be that there's a master plan in the works to make
the employee DB available through LDAP, or $DEITY knows what --
so why *would* the programming manager agree to do this one-off,
dead-end micro-project?

But that's why big companies foster "skunk works" development --
the "official" channel becomes unacceptably non-responsive to the
(perceived) needs of the individual business units.

Ah, the joy of big company politics :-)

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