[thelist] Web Based Employee Directory

Pete Prodoehl pete.prodoehl at cygnusinteractive.com
Wed Sep 15 15:07:18 CDT 2004

Steve Lewis wrote:
> Ken Chase wrote:
>> I'm lacking inspiration today and need to create an employee directory
>> for my company. I can't seem to find anything very elegant in my
>> searches.
>> Here's the criteria:
>> - I don't have access to a database. Everything must be static HTML
>> (valid)

>> In any case, if you can't do this dynamically, I'd suggest your only
>> maintainable option is to put the employee information in a single
>> file (XML, CSV, whatever) and then generate your static pages using
>> make, Ant, XSLT, Perl -- whatever you're most comfortable with.

> This is the model I was going to recommend.  Think "Movable Type" 
> style.  Heck, you could probably just install Movable Type, customize a 
> template, and "recommend" the responses to the various fields if you 
> were familiar enough with it and willing to be really quick-and-dirty.

Don't forget to pay the licensing fee for Movable Type, it ain't free ;)


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