[thelist] Enterprise Red Tape was: Web Based Employee Directory-prt 2

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Thu Sep 16 07:25:35 CDT 2004

Ken Schaefer had, as is often the case, some interesting stuff to say:

>>Yes, IMHO it is practically impossible to write any sort of large
>>scale application using anything other than OOP in this day and age.
>>It's not a matter of "dramatic cost reduction", it's a matter of
>>"there is no other way the project can be completed"

Hi Ken,

Good Point. There are a number of areas in my company where this is 
done ... and probably done quite effectively. I'm just not fortunate 
enough to be in one of those areas.

>>Have you heard of a debugger? Why don't you use a debugger? Who
>>manually reads 89 pages of code? That sounds like a nightmare.

Heh.  When the 'IT guys' ask the 'biz guy', (I'm not in IT), to look 
through the logic on a "C" program, because they don't do "C", you're 
in trouble from the get go!

>>Then I'd say you're out-of-touch with modern programming paradigms :-)

Ouch. Painful. ... but actually, I have to admit that's entirely possible 
... and a good part of the reason I lurk here ... to pick up better ideas 
and practices. Sometimes you get caught up in your own little corner of 
the world and forget that there may be people elsewhere doing better 
and/or more interesting things!

[To my defense I'll claim it's not entirely my fault ... a sizeable 
chunk of the legacy code in my tiny little area is 10 year old 'ASP 
1.0' stuff. Code where the 'command buttons' are 50+ lines of VbScript 
and there isn't a "form" tag anywhere to be seen ...

Hmmm ... maybe they *are* 're-using code' ... code developed in the 
mid-90s and not updated since.]


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