[thelist] [ot] I think I got a virus...

Scott Harman scott at harman.tv
Tue Sep 14 08:48:53 CDT 2004

Most common cause of things like this is a BRF - Beverage Related Fault.
Strange homepage - if you can clarify - but usually it's a billing
authorisation page presented by the payment system - authorising the
charge back to your room.  If you left the laptop on your desk in the
hotel - it could also have been cleaning products used by hotel staff.

I don't know of any viruses that can overwrite your codepage support
with something silly!

Sorry I can't be of any further help.


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Hey guys - 

I want to see if I can identify this virus before I totally wipe this
machine, and start it again... which is going to be more than painful.

Happened when i logged into the hotel internet network, and a strange
homepage came up in firefox...

Ever since then - my keyboard won't react (unless I hit the tab key, and
it spits out gibberish) the ctrl key seems locked, and then once in a
while it will just repeat characters.

I ran Search and Destroy, and that cleared up a couple of small things
(although one was a trojan) but it seems to have not fixed the problem.

Anyone at least able to identify for me which virus it is, so I can
identify the problem?

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