SPAM-LOW: [thelist] Redirect AFTER Page loaded with ASP

Peter Brunone ( peter at
Thu Sep 16 15:44:42 CDT 2004

Hi Rob,

   You're right; once the headers have been written to the browser, you can't response.redirect.  This really leaves you with one option:  client script.  You can response.write a small script that uses document.location.replace and then response.flush to get it to the browser...

   Also, I should make sure I completely understand your situation.  Is this after something has been literally sent to the browser, or only after something has been added to the response buffer?  If you set Response.Buffer=True at the top of your page, nothing will be sent back until the page has finished loading (unless you issue a Response.Flush).  This means that even if you Response.Write something, you could use Response.Redirect.  If you already knew all that, then disregard this paragraph and crank out some javascript.



 From: Rob Smith rob.smith at


I'm looking for cleaver ways to redirect a user AFTER stuff has been written
to a page in ASP. 

Typically you can't by way of response.redirect("somepage.asp"). If you do
this after you write stuff to the page, you get an error.

Thanks in advance,

Rob Smith

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