[thelist] Redirect AFTER Page loaded with ASP

Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Thu Sep 16 16:01:56 CDT 2004

Rob Smith wrote:

> I'm looking for cleaver ways to redirect a user AFTER stuff has been written
> to a page in ASP. 
> Typically you can't by way of response.redirect("somepage.asp"). If you do
> this after you write stuff to the page, you get an error.

I don't do ASP, but any server language faces the same issue -- you
can't send a redirect *header* after you've started writing content.

The only way I can imagine getting around this is writing the page
content to a buffer rather than STDOUT and only flushing it if/when
you decide you're not going to redirect.

/* Actually, JSP output is written to an 8K buffer by default; that
   size is configurable, as well as an "autoFlush" attribute being
   (true|false) -- maybe ASP has something comparable?)

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