[thelist] Redirect AFTER Page loaded with ASP

Dougal Campbell dougal at gunters.org
Thu Sep 16 16:10:16 CDT 2004

Rob Smith wrote:
> Hi 
> I'm looking for cleaver ways to redirect a user AFTER stuff has been written
> to a page in ASP. 
> Typically you can't by way of response.redirect("somepage.asp"). If you do
> this after you write stuff to the page, you get an error.

You can either buffer the output, which of course means that you don't 
really send the output the browser, but you still get the chance to 
force the redirect after you perform some response.write() calls, or you 
could output some javascript to give the browser a new location URI.

The javascript method is the only way you can do it after you've 
actually started sending regular page output to the browser.

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