[thelist] Speed Testing

Stuart Young syoung at unitec.ac.nz
Thu Sep 16 17:58:27 CDT 2004

> I wouldn't mind being able to get an accurate read of the speed of
> my regular site pages ... I don't quite trust the weight/speed that
> Dreamweaver gives me. I miss the old websitegarage.com

NetMechanic - http://www.netmechanic.com/
Lots of free trials and pay for services. HTML toolbox is similar to
website garage, but it also fixes your HTML mistakes!

Webperf.org Page Breakdown - http://www.webperf.org/breakdown.html
This very useful service downloads any webpage you want and measures
how long each part of the page takes to download. Compare this to
Netmechanic, Doctor HTML and Dr Watson which all measure the filesize
for each image and calculates how long that should take to download -
whereas this tool measures how long each file really took to download,
giving an accurate view of what the user experiences.

Dr Watson - http://watson.addy.com/
An all-in-one webpage analyser that provides a free diagnosis of common
problems such as poor HTML, broken links, spelling mistakes, slow load
time and poor search engine compatibility.

Doctor HTML - http://www.doctor-html.com/RxHTML/ 
Excellent all-in-one analyser that tests broken links, spelling, image
syntax, browser compatibility, font support, filesize and broken HTML.
Free service tests a single page.


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