[thelist] Web Analysis program?

Fred D Yocum fdy at mcc.org
Fri Sep 17 07:43:47 CDT 2004

I work for a medium sized organization with a fairly extensive Web site 
(4,000+static web pages plus some standard mysql, bulletin board etc). The 
Web site has information being fed into it from across the organization. 
It is a very rudimentary set up --shared server, Web analysis using 

Through Awstats I can tell which pages are being visited most and, if we 
play with the settings, we can tell which pages are being accessed at all. 
But not much more than that. How do we tell what pages are not being 
accessed for a set period? 

The way I have been able to figure this out is a convoluted mixture of 
Awstats, Dreamweaver and BBEdit, crunching strings which took about an 
hour and a half.

Is there a Web analysis program (preferably free, we are a non profit) 
which can organise this kind of information? Is there a program that will 
allow me to narrow in on a page and see who is accessing it?

Thanks in advance
F D Yocum
Graphic Designer

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