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raditha dissanayake jabber at raditha.com
Fri Sep 17 08:54:45 CDT 2004

Andrew wrote:

>I want to store a set of data in one field of a table that can be pulled
>out and formatted the same way that it was input ( style).
>eg I have a table with say 6 rows 6 columns the data input will be stored
>in one field (presumably seperated by  a comma, the data can then be
>pulled out and presented in the same way it was input, ie if r3 c4 contain
>data that is where it will be displayed on the fronted?
>do3es this make sense and am I going the right way about this?
If I have understood your questions correctly are certainly not going 
about this in the right way. Because databases give you so many options 
of manipulating fields you would be better off defining a six column 
table and storing each row in your input as a row in your database 
table. That would be an over simplified approach because it does not 
look into normalization etc etc but its enough to go by I guess.

>Thank you

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