[thelist] Web Analysis program?

Scott Harman scott at harman.tv
Fri Sep 17 08:50:05 CDT 2004

I suppose if you can pre-analyse in awstats then get an export of that data in a usable csv format - do the same with your static pages - then you should easily be able to compare it in any spreadsheet app.
should be easy enough to hack something together in perl or even an excel macro to strip all path data (or even normalise it) across both sets of data.
I've not used Awstats in a year or so, so I can't remember what it's internal log file looks like.


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Fred D Yocum wrote:

>Through Awstats I can tell which pages are being visited most and, if we
>play with the settings, we can tell which pages are being accessed at all.
>But not much more than that. How do we tell what pages are not being
>accessed for a set period?
Pages that are not being accessed will not show up on the log file so it
would be pretty hard for a log file analysis program to know about it,
so i guess what you have strcuk on - the mixture of awstats +DW+BBEdit
will probably have to do.

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