[thelist] [redesign] Asking the Right Questions

Ken Kogler gsls at kenkogler.com
Fri Sep 17 09:19:25 CDT 2004


I'm just beginning the process of redesigning a website. I've built plenty
of brand new sites from the ground up, but this will be the first time I've
come in to an organization with a site that's been around for a few years
and tried to re-do it.

Predictably, the site suffers from serious bloat and poor informational
architecture. What I want to do is come up with a series of questions to ask
the leaders of the organization that will help frame the proper mindset for
this project. I'm looking for questions that can solicit answers that will
help me structure an accurate site architecture that reflects the
organization and allows for a good user experience.

Are there any good books or websites that talk about the process of a
redesign in non-technical language and are geared towards the management of
an org, rather than the code monkey?

What I'm really looking for is a book called "So you want to redesign your
website: A practical approach for management" or something like that, but
I'm not sure it exists. If it did, what would be in it?


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