[thelist] [redesign] Asking the Right Questions

Stephanie Leary s-leary at tamu.edu
Fri Sep 17 09:52:37 CDT 2004

Ken Kogler wrote:
> Are there any good books or websites that talk about the process of a
> redesign in non-technical language and are geared towards the 
> management of
> an org, rather than the code monkey?

Web ReDesign: Workflow that Works. New edition next month.

> What I'm really looking for is a book called "So you want to redesign 
> your
> website: A practical approach for management" or something like that, 
> but
> I'm not sure it exists. If it did, what would be in it?

I really don't know of one for management. Don't Make Me Think is good, 
but won't address all the concerns you undoubtedly have. There are some 
question lists in Web ReDesign -- see 
http://www.web-redesign.com/chapter3.html --  as well as in the first 
few chapters of The Unusually Useful Web Book. I wasn't happy with any 
of them, so I've cobbled together lists of my own:


They're pretty superficial, but feel free to steal 'em.

Stephanie Leary
Web Communications Specialist
TAMUS Health Science Center
s-leary at tamu.edu

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